String Of Dolphin *Senecio Peregrinus


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String of Dolphin, whose scientific name is Senecio Peregrinus, might be the cutest succulent in existence. It’s a rare animal-like variety that develops some beautiful curvy leaves, which perfectly resemble a pod of little jumping Dolphins. And like other “String of” plants such as hearts, bananas, turtles, and pearls, String of Dolphins is a cross-pollination of Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls) and Senecio Articulatus (hot dog cactus). It can grow up to 3 ft long and 15 cm (6 inches) tall, which makes it look great spilling out of a hanging basket or trickling down over bookshelves or even on the edge of a stair rail.

Ideal Temperature
Unlike other succulents, String of Dolphins loves cool air and can withstand temperature as low as 5 degrees Celcius during winter. In the summer months or during their growing season, it is ideal for them to have around 22 degrees Celcius.
However, keep in mind that the String of Dolphins are “soft succulent” meaning, they will not survive a hard frost. So if the temperature in your area gets colder than 0 degrees Celcius, it is advisable to plant them in a container where they can easily be transferred inside.

Soil & Pot Requirements
Like most succulents, the String of Dolphins can rot if overwatered. Therefore, choosing a well-draining soil like a cactus/succulent mix and plant them in a container that has drainage holes in the bottom.
On top of that, Dolphins thrive well in a little crowded condition, so make sure to use a container only a bit larger than them.

Watering Needs
Unlike some rare succulents that can get super tricking with watering, it is pretty easy to water String of Dolphin. The best way to do this is by giving them a good soak of water until it runs out the pot’s drainage hole, and allowing the soil to dry completely in between watering. Do this once per week during their growing seasons (which usually happens in Spring to early Fall) and once per month during their dormant period every winter. You can adjust watering schedule to meet each individual plant’s needs based on your specific area conditions.

  • Hanging Plant
  • Attractive looks like Dolphin
  • Easy grow
  • low maintenance