Rubber Plant Verigated *Ficus Elastica


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Planting And Care

  • Planted in warm areas of the world for fruit, shade, and ornamentals.
  • Once the rubber plant has grown to the height you want it to grow up to, you can cut the top off.

    Rubber Tree Care

    Bright light required. Plants can take direct sunlight too. But do not place plants from low light to direct sunlight – they will get scorched. Move them gradually.

    Sunlight Partial sun, Requires shade
    Watering Medium
    Soil Loamy well-drained soil
    Temperature 20 to 40 degrees C
    Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer
  • Broad shiny attractive leaves.
  • Easy grow
  • Low Maintenance
  • Used for decorations in homes, shops and offices
  • Good to keep inside homes and terraces