Oxalis Triangularis


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Care For Oxalis Triangularis

Purple Shamrock owns its name Triangularis due to the Triangle shaped leaves in a deep purple, with a lighter purplish-rose feature in their center. Although the robustly colored leaves are the stars of the show, the plant also produces small, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring in colors of pink or white. The blooms last for several weeks. Another feature of the leaves is they open during the daytime hours and close in the evening.

Those living in mild climates can grow Oxalis Triangularis year-round outdoors as a ground cover. If your conditions are too cold in winter, you can dig the bulbs and store until spring’s warm temperatures arrive again. Plants average around 12 inches tall at maturity.

Purple Shamrock is sure to be an indoor feature and grab the eye’s attention whether grown alone in a container or part of a mixed container garden. It is quite attractive when mixed with plants with silver or white foliage like Dusty Miller or Spider Plant.

  • Easy growing
  • less maintenance
  • Attractive look inside office