Ficus Benjimina *Kinky


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Kinky is a fantastic air purifier, clearing many common household toxins out of the air such as benzene and formaldehyde, both found in everyday items such as sofa upholstery and wallpaper.

Weeping Figs are natives of humid environments, the more humid it gets, the more humidity it releases to the air helping relieve respiratory complaints and skin sensitivity.

Care :

Keep in a bright spot away from direct sun, and it will thrive. Be careful not to overwater it or the roots can drown. Only water it when the soil is dry.

Kinky likes humidity so, it will appreciate a mist once in a while. Prune it if you want to keep its shape.

Light: Bright to moderate. To keep growth even, rotate the plant weekly.

Water: Prefer being slightly dry (but never allow to wilt). Allow the top 1-2” of soil to dry before watering thoroughly. Check the bottom drainage holes occasionally to be sure the soil at the bottom of the pot does not become constantly waterlogged even though the top dries (this will kill the lower roots). If waterlogging at the bottom becomes a problem the fig should be repotted to fresh soil.

Fertilizer: Liquid feed during active growth in late spring and summer, or apply NPK 19:19:19 (2-5 Grams per liter water) for the season.

Temperature: Between 15-27 degree celcius.

Repotting & Pruning: Ficus do not mind being relatively pot-bound. Repotting is needed only when it becomes difficult to water, and should be done in spring. When repotting, check for and loosen coiled roots. Repot with a good-quality potting soil.

Pests: Mealy bug and scale can be a problem, as can spider mite in dry conditions. Treat with any houseplant-safe pesticide. Due to the size of Ficus, repeat treatment is often necessary.

  • Good air purifier plant
  • easy growing
  • low maintenance