Calathea Freddie


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Calathea Concinna Freddie Care

Calathea is treasured for their large, oval, distinctly patterned, and vibrantly coloured leaves. Plant division is the best method of propagation during the monsoon season. Calathea can grow in partial sunlight as well as partial shade. At the time of re-potting used potting media as the Soil, compost and Cocopeat (1:1:1).

Sunlight Partial Shade
Watering Medium
Soil Sandy soil
Temperature 20 to 30 degree C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer.
  • Water the plant regularly throughout the growing season.
  • The mature plant is required early in the morning if the soil is dry.
  • Avoid overwatering.
  • Fertilize once or twice during the growing season with nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Prune the dried leaves.
  • can grow on low light
  • attractive for office/room decor